If you have a DOA (Dead on arrival), you must contact us using text, chat, or email clear photos within an hour of the fish being delivered, a short video would be a plus showing the sealed bag. After confirmation of DOA, a full refund or replacement of the betta with an equal or higher quality fish will be offered.


We do not offer returns or exchange for live fish.

Each fish will be fasted for 24 to 48 hrs prior to shipping. This will ensure that it will not produce more waste in the shipping bag that would pollute the shipping water. The fish will be double bagged securely with 1/3 water and 2/3 air. Do not be alarmed by the yellow tinted water. This is due to Tannins we add to the water for shipping (anti-fungal and antibacterial properties).

During shipping Bettas may become stressed and pale, so don’t be alarmed as the colors should come back once the bettas is properly acclimated to it’s new home.

Cancel order

For any orders cancelled BEFORE Sunday, we can offer a refund minus Paypal fees. We can no longer absorb this cost due to overuse. After your fish has been boxed and shipped there is nothing we can do to cancel the order. We thank you for your understanding.

Buying the fish means you accept these conditions. We reserve the right to hold onto your fish if I feel that shipping temperatures are too dangerous.