Premium Imported Plakats
FightingBettas works with breeders all over Asia to bring you some of the most aggressive plakat lines
Quality over Quantity
Years of experience, in choosing selective traits from our breeders.
Catappa Leaf Extract
Hand picked, imported, premium

indian almond leaf extract

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FightingBettas now offers AfterPay, a simple way of getting those perfect bettas you like before they are sold out!
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Only live Food
Our fish diet consists of Live Blackworms, Mosquito larvae, and Live Brineshrimp.


Spartan Series

Smart fighters, extremely tactical. When the opportunity comes it devastates anything in its presence. Exclusive Bloodline

Indo Bloodline

Imported Lines of extremely high quality Indonesian pedigree, renown for their fighting heart and tough scales.

Hades Series

Relentless, Smart, are Fierce. Hades Series have carved a well deserved reputation as Top fighters. Thai Bloodline. Exclusive Bloodline.

Phantom Series

Phantom series showcase a Black & Grey color, accompanied with extreme aggression. Thai Bloodline. Exclusive Bloodline

Thai Bloodline

Since ancient times bettas have been carefully bred to showcase agility, strength and aggression.

Sakai Fighters

Partnered with Sakai Fighter to provide hand picked series known for their high prey drive, extreme aggressiveness.

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