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Short history of the Plakat strain in combat

Plakat, also known as Plakad or short-finned Betta, is a variety of Siamese fighting fish that has been a popular choice among enthusiasts of the fighting fish world for many years. These fish are known for their aggressive behavior and their ability to endure brutal fights in small containers, often leading to death or severe injury.

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Platak Genetics – Understanding Aggression

Betta Splendens are known for their intense aggression, which has resulted from intense selective pressures imposed upon them from many generations of artificial selection. Fighting strains of B. splendens (Plakat) have been bred for aggression for over six centuries due to the culture surrounding fighting betta fish and betting money on the results.

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Why Indian Almond Leaves Benefit Bettas

Indian almond leaves (IAL) are often used in betta tanks because they are thought to provide many benefits to the fish. IALs are known to lower pH levels, reduce nitrates, and promote healthy scales. They also release tannins into the water, which can create a “blackwater” effect that is said to be beneficial to bettas as it resembles their natural habitat more closely.

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Hades. King of the Underworld

The hades series is an exclusive family of FightingBettas.com, over the course of years working with our breader in Thailand we accomplished a strong, smart and efficient Plakat which we would name Hades.

Hades are characterized by their Strong body, armor like scales which command respect.

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